Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Pool Dive!

Today was the first day we all got into a confined water dive since completing the necessary PADI e-learning sections. Rowan was accompanied by his older sister Aesha and Carla Ayres Musa of BCVI along with SeaSports Belize Dive Instructors John and Linda Searle.

Rowan with his Gear!

Row was a natural in the water! We learned how to assemble our gear, practiced some under water signals and techniques - the most difficult being intentionally flooding our masks and removing them ... UNDERWATER! 

Row and his group at the bottom

We are so thankful to SeaSports Belize and John and Linda Searle for taking the time to help us and for being so patient in adapting and teaching Rowan everything he needs to know!

We can't wait to get back in!

Don't forget Row is going through all this not just for fun, but to help BCVI - the only nonprofit organization in Belize that supports children ( and adults ) who are blind. Your contribution will help BCVIs services alive! So make a donation today! It's super easy!

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And continue to follow us for updates leading up to our dive of the Great Blue Hole on July 14th!

Left to Right: Carla, Aesha, John, Rowan and fellow dive student Elizabeth - who joined us for the practice.

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